Expense Management Automation

What is expense management automation?

Expense Management System Automation is a software that helps big, medium and small businesses to capture, submit and manage reporting, approval, and payment/ reimbursement of employee business expenses.

How does it help businesses?

Keeping track of business spending is a top priority for all businesses, and it’s difficult to do using manual processes, paper receipts, and handwritten notes. Companies can speed up the expenditure management process, prevent errors, and deliver refunds more quickly by employing software to track and monitor employee spending.

Access expenses anywhere

  • Approve or deny expense submissions directly by phone
  • Upload receipts photos directly to an expense report
  • No double data entry

Visibility into Company Spend

  • Real-time visibility into financial data for company-paid expenses
  • A system that directly aligns with your company’s expense management policies
  • Elimination of spreadsheets and paper records and reports

Customizable Approval Workflows

Key Features of Expense Management Automation

  • Track all employee receipts

  • Allow employees to use their smartphones to capture receipts

  • Put the receipts on a centralized dashboard

Benefits of Dokumentive Expense Management Automation

  • Increases Compliance and Operational Efficiency

    The expense management automation makes compliance easier by categorizing expenses and generating a tax audit trail in an automatic way. And, policies get enforced before any violations occur, and out-of-spending can be identified.

  • Enhanced Productivity

    Employees can use their smartphones to scan receipts and submit daily expenses reports from anywhere. Managers and their staff no longer have to perform manual tasks, which saves time and money while allowing employees to focus on higher-value work.

Ready to streamline your Expense Management Automation Process?