Accounts Receivable Automation

  • automated accounts receivable

Streamline Collections Process

  • Get paid faster using pre-configured notifications
  • Automate manual collection tasks
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • accounts receivable workflow

Customers documents management

  • Easy, mobile, and quick documents sharing
  • Full integration with CRM and billing software
  • Enhanced communication with customers
  • streamline accounts receivable

End-to-end visibility

  • Centralized view of quotes, sales, orders, contracts, and invoices
  • Payments reconciliation
  • Compliance with the company’s policies and guidelines

Key features of Dokumentive Automated Accounts Receivable Process

  • Automated data capture from purchase orders, delivery notes, etc.

    Gain online access to invoices, statuses of invoices, and downloadable data ensuring payment is paid as soon as possible.

  • Capture documents from emails, web form, from mail, etc.

    Streamline your order-to-cash process via the automation of your customer business processes including ordering, data keying, approvals, and collections.

  • Software verification

    nvoices are automatically checked for coherence and data is validated based on business policies.

  • Dynamic workflows

    Invoices are routed using workflows to users based on the company’s approval policies. At all times, authorized users can view, track the status and approve invoices on-the-go with mobile access using phones, tablets, and desktops.

  • Seamless integration with your ERP

    e-Doc360 integrates with several ERPs including QuickBooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, and SAGE. e-Doc360 integrates with several document management solutions including Alfresco, M-Files, and Nuxeo, and multiple CRM and DMS systems such as Salesforce.

  • Documents management and archiving

    Users have access to advanced reporting and search capabilities. Invoices can be easily searched using over 50 different values including account code, approver, invoice number, and more. Ensure compliance with audit trails and securely archive all supplier invoices and documents with Dokumentive.

Understand the Accounts Receivable Automation Solution

Dokumentive Accounts Receivable Automation solution helps you to extract data, manage customers documents, validate them with workflow, and integrate everything with CRM.

Automate your Accounts Receivable Process in 3 easy steps

Capture Customer Information

Using our Accounts Receivable solution, customers documents are sorted, organized and shared electronically.  A user can easily find documents such as invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders, contracts, etc. It’s secure, easy and streamlined collaborative platform to  to retrieve documents, assemble customer packages, and communicate them more effectively with customers.

Configure notifications for faster collections

The captured customer invoices are managed through workflows with automated notifications at various times, easily configurable, as per the company collection policy.

Customers receive automated reminders and notifications to pay due to invoices.

Integrate with your CRM and ERP

The Accounts Receivable solution works perfectly with other business solutions, including CRM and ECM systems. This integration gives you a better view of the quotes, sales, orders, contracts, delivery notes, and invoices.

When you integrate our solution with ERPs, it is easier for you to capture customers’ invoices. Moreover, if you use a CRM system, you can easily retrieve, manage, and share documents with customers.

Ready to Streamline Your Accounts Receivable Process?