Contracts Management

Contracts Management Automation

  • automatic notifications

Cost savings

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Easy collaborations
  • Automatic notifications
  • improve compliance

Contract compliance

  • Active monitoring of terms
  • Price compliance
  • Automated matching
  • enhance visibility

Enhanced visibility

  • Full audit trail
  • Dashboard and reports
  • Easy sharing

Key features in Contracts Management

Create better contracts in an automated way

Whether it’s an employment contract, sales contract, trade agreement, or a maintenance contract, our Enterprise Content Management solution, e-Doc360, can easily repopulate and generate any contract using a variety of selected fields.

Taking the time to customize every contract according to each recipient is a tedious and unproductive task. e-Doc360 uses templates that capture the specific fields you’re looking to highlight while keeping the format of the document, including text and graphics, identical. This way, you can create, manage and send a batch of personalized contracts with ease.

Manage the contract lifecycle

Streamlining the contract lifecycle process allows for improved contract visibility, compliance, and monitoring.

Track all changes, edits, and comments in a document and keep up-to-date with who made the revisions and the time that the action was performed. Our automated workflow triggers different levels of approvals based on various business tools, enabling authorized users specific access to certain files and documents.

Manage expiry dates of contracts

See when a contract is about to expire and keep track of key dates with our automated notification system.

Users can also set reminders for deadlines and needed actions in order to respond quickly to business and staff needs, provide better service, and save time from manually monitoring every document and event.

Easy accessibility

Find any document, user, or group at a glance with our quick and advanced search options. While a quick search retrieves your results within seconds, an advanced search allows you to fine-tune your search based on various criteria, including the size and the nature of the document as well as the modification date and the tags associated with the contract.

Contract compliance

Ensure compliance with legal requirements by monitoring contracts for potential risks, rights, and obligations within one system.
e-Doc360 makes it easy to control access rights and business actions as well as empower effective pricing and rebate strategies.

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