Scanning and Data Extraction

data extraction solutions

Advanced Document Imaging

  • Fast and advanced automated scanning and data extraction

  • Intelligent documents classification and separation
  • Advanced barcode and OCR data extraction features

  • PDF automated data extraction
automated data extraction

Advanced Data Extraction

  • Dynamic data extraction of unlimited number fields
  • Data capture from both structured and unstructured documents
  • Automated documents indexing
pdf automated data extraction

Business Processes Automation

  • Connection to external databases for bi-directional data exchange and validation
  • Use of hot folders to process and export documents with no manual intervention
  • Advanced scripting and customization functionalities

Key features of Data Extraction Automation

  • Advanced Document Scanning

    Connect with various types of scanners, organize documents using automatic file naming, classify documents automatically and export them in a structured format with minimal intervention.

  • Zonal OCR

    Localize and extract the important fields from documents for quick and easy search and retrieval.

  • Intelligent Processing

    Search data automatically based on criteria such as word number or character. Users can disable, remove or change settings for each Intelli-tag, speeding up your data entry process.

  • Barcode Capabilities

    Instantly read and extract barcodes from documents and assign any of them (or a complex function) to specific fields in the form.

  • OCR triggers

    Specify areas on a document to perform certain actions when a specific text is identified. This includes triggers such as setting values for fields and document splits.

  • Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR)

    Automatically detect and learn new document types based on its layout using IDR. Scan, import and split documents without previous preparation.

  • Database Integration

    Connect to an external database, pull / update data and provide bi-directional data exchange and validation.

Automated Data Extraction

Extract data from scanned documents with the Document Scanning & OCR data capture

Go Paperless in 3 Easy Steps

Documents capture & Data extraction

Automated data extraction from pdf, images, etc

Whether your files are sent by fax, email, online forms, Google Drive or Dropbox, Dokumentive’s advanced OCR solution can accurately extract and capture the required accounting information to allow for easy and efficient tracking of shared data.

Scan your receipts, invoices, contracts, resumes, statements, orders, credit card applications, or any type of paper-based document or electronic files (pdf, images, etc), within minutes and eliminate the hassle of manual data entry and processing.

Automated Processing and Export

The manual invoice approval process can be slow and inefficient, leaving room for missed discounts on early payments, late payment fees, lost invoices and a lack of visibility into every step of the process.

With automatic data extraction 2-way and 3-way matching, the quantity and price on the electronic invoices (e-invoice) are instantly matched to the quantity and price on the corresponding purchase orders (PO), allowing for a speedy process and synchronized flow of information between departments.

Transfer Data and Documents to your Platform

Automate data extraction from invoices

When approved, invoices are swiftly transferred to your accounting system for payment.

Send your files and documents where they need to go within seconds and prevent duplicate records across multiple systems.

e-doc360 integrates with several ERPs and ECMs systems, including QuickBooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX and SAGE.

Ready to digitize your office with our Data Extraction Solution?