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Accounts Payable Automation
Accounts Receivable Automation
Human Resources Digitalization
Document Management System
Data Capture and Extraction Solution
Contracts Management Solutions


Smart Data Capture

Our scanning solution captures and extracts data from high volumes of structured and unstructured documents with 98% accuracy – then swiftly transfers it to your document management system or ERP.

Enterprise Content Management

We assist you to digitalize your documents and manage them all in one place. Scan or upload your contracts, purchase orders, invoices, and all your other documents and easily access them anytime and from anywhere.

Consulting in Digital Transformation

Our consulting sessions include strategies and operational support to help businesses leverage technology to streamline their business processes and improve their operating systems.

Document Management System

From digitization to archiving, using workflow automation, you can electronically manage the entire life cycle of your documents and keep full control over who can view, edit and manage them.

Robotic Process Automation

Dokumentive + Microsoft: Discover the Microsoft Power Automate that will help you to streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes


Generous Margins
Access to the latest business technology
Marketing Support
Sales Support
Opportunity to scales your business

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