Online Forms Software

Save Money and Time

  • Collect real-time information anywhere
  • Route easily between several different people
  • Combine online forms with electronic signature

Data Quality Control

  • Synchronize data to all systems automatically
  • Error-free and always up-to-date information
  • Receive consistent feedback

Improve Productivity

  • Track your online forms through each step
  • Capture data in a secure and consistent manner
  • Data submission integrates easily into workflow processes

Online Forms Applications in the Industries


Most government services still have old and complex structures that consequently use a lot of paper. It makes for lengthy and error-prone processes that waste time and money. Thus, online forms software are essential for faster and error-free processes.


The banking industry is already undergoing a significant shift towards digital, so online forms are nothing new. Online forms software bring many benefits to banks, especially in reducing service time and queues and improving customer service.


Although insurance is synonymous with paper documents, digitalization helps all industries, as it can provide significant changes concerning costs. Online forms in this industry work as a response shortener, facilitating and speeds up the whole process between insurance manager and customer.


Today’s construction sites demand more and more digital processes, in which everyone can access all documents and forms in real-time from any device and anywhere.

Real Estate

Many transactions in the real estate market rely on forms. Agents and brokers make use of forms to demonstrate their progressive, customer-centric offers. Having online forms allows this response and delivery to work much faster and more accurately.


In the healthcare industry, the patient always comes first, so the speed of care is essential. Having online forms allows the data collection process to be fast and straightforward. This way, everyone can receive up-to-date and non-erroneous information in real-time to treat the patient in the best possible way.


It is expected that when a new employee enters the company, he has to fill out several forms. The time spent on paperwork could be used for training, for example. In this way, the importance of using online forms and contract management is crucial so that the new employee can enter the company free of the paperwork and ready to work.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Documentation is the key to the logistics and supply chain industry. Having online forms makes it possible that all communication is interconnected between vendors, drivers, and customers, speeding up the process and eliminating errors.

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