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What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation uses software to automate everyday repetitive tasks to cut costs and increase productivity. The goal is to have your department’s teams focusing on core business activities that require a high degree of human engagement. Some of the key areas where automation software is being used widely are customer billing, inventory management, customer support, employee boarding, etc.

All departments can be benefited from the automation. Learn more.

Benefits of implementing Business Process Automation

Reduce Costs and Time

Automation reduces the need for extensive paperwork, labor, overhauling, and maintenance costs. Also, it permits a faster and more accurate performance than manual tasks, eliminating human errors and points of inefficiency and delays. It all leads to reducing time and money.

Provide superior customer service

The Business Processes Automation makes your customers happier, as your customers will obtain accurate and consistent products and services, increasing your company’s reliability.

Increase productivity

Automation performs and simplifies tedious and repetitive day-to-day activities, ensuring that all actions are performed identically, resulting in consistency and efficiency. This improves workflow, so your employees can focus their attention on key business processes.

Improve employee morale

With the software performing repetitive tasks, employees can focus on their jobs, having more time to be creative, innovative and productive.

Visibility and transparency

Automation improves process visibility through customizable control panels. It also creates in-depth reports of process performance, providing information on areas that need improvement.

Improvements in internal communication

We know how hard it is to organize ourselves between emails, notes and short reminders. That’s why, when the process is automated, the workflow is much simpler and faster. Employees will have access to all documents’ history and updated information.

How do I start the Business Process Automation implementation?

Think Long Term Solution

The automation process should be viewed as a long-term solution that will be invested in so that when completed, it can generate more productivity, reducing cost and time. Be sure to prioritize processes automation that will save the most time and have the highest return on investment.

Need to focus on specific objectives

When talking about automation, precise measurable objectives need to be defined. Managers need to ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page, clearly understanding the technical and business benefits.

Identify the repetitive tasks in your workflow

Start your automation process by looking for routine manual processes that take a considerable amount of time and resources. These are the ones you want to start with because the more frequent the task, the more you stand to gain from automation.

Help your team to adopt automation

It is very common that employees are already used to developing manual processes and may have some difficulty including automation in their day-to-day, so people must be included in the automation process to focus on gaining efficiency.

How can we help you?

Our software allows you to create collaborative folders with your customers to share key documents securely and efficiently. In addition, you can choose who on your team can access each folder or document and what level of access they have and what actions they can take.

Document Imaging Solution

Improve the way you work with built-in image processing, drag-and-drop tools, and automated text-editor allow you to digitize complex paper documents with minimal intervention. Our solution captures all types of documents, no matter the source, volume, or file type, and directly exports them into your system of choice.

Online Forms Software

Improve your accounts payable processes and gain access to a centralized, paperless and highly-automated purchase invoice handing process with easy-to-use integration tools.

Contracts Management Solution

Streamline the contract lifecycle process including creation, approval, and tracking while enjoying improved contract visibility, compliance, and monitoring.

Expenses Management Solution

Capture your expenses on the go, eliminate manual reporting, ensure compliance, streamline reconciliation, and gain access to a centralized, paperless, and highly-automated expenses management platform

Accounting and Finance Solution

Easily automate financial assistance requests, reviews, approvals, and notifications leveraging web forms, dynamic workflows and notifications engine.

Working with e-Doc360: Business Process Automation

Project management

Our team supports customers in all the phases of the project starting with assessment of the current processes to deployment and ongoing monitoring.

Working with e-Doc360

e-Doc360 is a complete Enterprise Content Management modular solution. Training resources include all elements of digitalization and business processes automation.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is company wide project. It starts with one area or one department and grows to include all departments in the enterprise. Explore monitoring tools and project scaling strategies.

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