Employee Onboarding

What is HR Onboarding Software?

HR onboarding software is a system that assists firms in successfully bringing in and integrating new hires into their environment.

They oversee numerous onboarding procedures to help the employee move from an outsider to a complete team member.

Create better first days for new hires

Automate onboarding documents

  • Eliminate manual errors and miscommunication
  • Reduce repetitive onboarding tasks
  • Prevent compliance risks
  • Enhance process visibility
  • Automate deadlines, notifications, alerts
  • Reduce time-to-productivity and improve engagement

Key features of Employee Onboarding Automation

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Cloud-Based Technology

  • Workflow Automation

  • Assessment Tools

  • Automated Web Forms

  • Advanced Data Search

  • Restrict Data Access

  • Provide continuous Feedback

Benefits of automating your Employee Onboarding

Process Documents Sooner

Before your new employee starts, start the onboarding process electronically. Get rid of the paperwork and reserve the first day for introductions, training and other face-to-face activities.

Dokumentive’s onboarding automation uses online forms and eSignature tools, Optical Character Recognition, and document extraction technologies to automatically process and store incoming employee information.

Automatically Enter Employee Data

Our modern solution provides robust integration capabilities. It can automatically collect and update any system’s record like ERP, accounting, and payroll software.

By automatically having these records and systems up to date means you can also generate accurate reports on headcount and employee demographics on-demand.

Build your own Forms and Send them

An automated web form can gather information in advance, then use the responses to trigger orders so that the new employee’s business cards and welcome gifts can be ready and on their desk on the first day.

Continuous Feedback

Automation can help new employees beyond paperwork and their first day, week or month. One good use of extended onboarding automation is to send a new employee a survey after completing their first day, 30 days and 90 days. This can be essential for refining your onboarding process and can help quickly identify any issues the employee is having.

Ready to Streamline Your Employee Onboarding Process?