Why automate your HR department?

Human Resources management is an essential aspect of every business, whether recruiting new staff, providing training, or maintaining compliance. The HR department’s processes are often very manual. However, this is changing.

HR is being invaded by automation, and everything that can be automated will be automated very soon, and HR professionals must adapt to the upcoming changes.

Why should my company automate the HR department?

HR automation has numerous advantages, including lowering printing and physical storage expenses while allowing quick access to online information at any time and from any location.

When employee data is stored in a consolidated location, screening, hiring, and training become more efficient. In addition, employees are more engaged when they have time to focus on key tasks that help the organization achieve its objectives.

New employees may get right to work when onboarding is automated and not spend their first week filling out paperwork. Data entry errors can also be reduced, as well as the time, which equates to money-saving.

Is now the time to automate?

Now is the perfect time to automate your HR process, not only because the world is in a digital transformation revolution but also because data security and compliance regulations are becoming stricter.

Human Resources management requires dealing with sensitive applicant and employee data and information. Failure to follow regulations might result in financial penalties or even taint your company’s reputation, resulting in a loss of revenue. Therefore, automation is the best way to ensure that all your HR processes and practices are compliant.

The year is 2021. If you’re still running your HR department on outdated processes, you’re doing more harm than good to your company. Investing in human resource automation software, you will have a more efficient HR department.

Benefits of HR automation

HR automation allows businesses to quickly create, streamline, integrate, and implement the services they need at a lower cost. HR automation, when done correctly, can provide invaluable benefits such as:

  • Increase employee engagement and retention
  • Reduce storage and printing costs associated with paper-based processing
  • Reduce compliance risks or policy violations
  • Improve organizational growth through efficient hiring at optimal operating costs
  • Eliminate data entry errors and lost/missing documents
  • Make smart business decisions with insightful reports
  • Collaborate with other stakeholders to hire, train and retain a skilled workforce
  • Collect data faster and make more agile business decisions

What if I do not automate my department? 

It’s a problem that only becomes worse as your company expands if you don’t automate your HR. Here are some of the causes for this:

Lost Efficiency

You lose efficiency if you don’t automate repetitive processes because your HR team’s time will be wasting time on tedious and ineffective duties.


A machine can easily do tasks such as checking timesheets, computing wages and verifying leaves. Automation, unlike a human, executes those tasks without any errors after being setup

Employees bad experience

HR employees are overburdened with other responsibilities, causing them to forget or miss the opportunity to follow up with candidates. It can be a poor hiring experience for the candidates who get a wrong impression of the company.

HR automation examples

1Employee onboarding

Certainly the HR department has many time-consuming processes, but employee onboarding is one of the most boring and exhausting. However, all of the processes for onboarding new staff can be automated. Hiring powered by HR automation can reduce onboarding expenses while speeding up the process.


Terminate contracts with employees is not a pleasant job, neither a fast process. Instead of manually removing employees from payrolls and benefits, automate this process and leverage these tasks to be more manageable and prevent any potential legal issues.

3Leave requests

Team members file leave requests all the time, whether for a medical procedure, sabbatical, educational, or something else. However, processing each one of the requests and manual entry data is a time-consuming task.

Automation can solve the problem, which provides secure approvals instantly while updating the employee’s leave records immediately.

4Expense claims

Expense claims can take weeks to be fully validated if done manually because of the long process of processing the claim, reviewing it, and approving it. In addition, it can present inaccuracies. However, if done automatically, it is free of errors and processed quickly, relieving the HR team from participating in outdated processes.


Instead of processing payrolls manually and have the risk of generating errors, automate this process and get a more accurate process, free of calculations erros, and pay employees always on time.

HR automation in your future

HR automation will eliminate the need for HR professionals to accomplish mundane, repetitive duties and enable more efficient and accurate ways of working across the firm if implemented and used effectively.

Your HR department may then commit more time and effort to cultivate a more favourable workplace culture and put their abilities to use daily.

Check out our HR automation solutions if you want to future-proof your HR skillset and create new HR competencies.

Today, more than ever, being digital is powerful, and workflow automation is a crucial part of the digitalization process. Workflow Automation allows companies to increase accuracy, save money and time, and improve team productivity.

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