control patients information

Centralized administration

User-permission and access settings to control what information and features users can access

Automated notifications

Automated notifications

Automatic notification of new referrals, new physicians notes, and changes to medical documents

extract text via OCR

Documents imaging and recognition

  • Extract text from images via OCR and convert the required data into structured digital format
  • Intelligent document recognition and data capture modules

Healthcare is about patients, not paperwork. Implement Healthcare Automation Solutions and improve patient care.

Scanning Solutions for Healthcare

In today’s ever-expanding healthcare field, appropriate deployment of high-speed scanners and scanning solutions is essential for healthcare organizations looking to improve efficiency and enhance patient care.

Whether you need to digitize health records, medical files, doctor’s notes, community referrals, or any type of business document, Dokumentive offers a full scanning solution including network scanners from Panasonic and Fujitsu and a document scanning solution for every aspect of your health care organization.

Our Healthcare Automation Solutions work with scanning solutions works and all EHR systems and features sophisticated clinical capabilities, including process analysis, records management, workflow engineering, implementation, and support services.

Spend less time on administrative tasks

Processes where data are added manually are extremely time-consuming and can introduce significant inefficiencies and loss of valuable time. With Smart Data Capture, you can easily extract data from physical records and electronic documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), validate it, and route the required information directly into an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to ensure greater data accuracy.

  • Assign patient identity when scanning using barcodes and smart data capture to better safeguard information
  • Automatically classify and index documents to retrieve at a later time using a quick search
  • Save floor space and cut storage costs
  • Reduce the time required for data entry from hours to minutes

Store, manage and track electronic documents

Unlike folders in a file cabinet, our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, e-Doc360, stores forms in electronic folders that can be accessed and shared by authorized users – whenever and wherever they need it – for faster and more accurate treatment decisions, supporting true interoperability and timely care for patients along the way.

  • Gain real-time access to relevant medical information
  • Coordinate tasks more effectively between different teams and departments to meet various demands
  • Generate easier billing by giving AR and AP staff access to digital statements, invoices, contracts, and any other document
  • Avoid missed steps, lost or misplaced documents, and uncompleted tasks

Ready to deploy your processes with Healthcare Automation Solutions?

Documents scanning

Capture data and documents from both paper-based sources (scanners, fax, etc.) and electronic formats such as emails, pdfs, and images using phones, tablets, and desktops.

Workflow automation

Easily create and automate workflows of information and documents for quick reviews and approvals based on the organization’s policies.

Contracts management

Streamline the contract lifecycle process including creation, approval, and tracking while enjoying improved contract visibility, compliance, and monitoring.

Accounts payable

Improve your accounts payable processes and gain access to a centralized, paperless and highly automated purchase invoice handing process with easy-to-use integration tools.

Accounts receivable

Electronically manage and communicate students documentations, requests, attendance, certificates and monitor collections using our accounts receivable automation solution!

Human Resources

Design, streamline, manage and deploy HR processes and documentation including HR employee onboarding, performance reviews, records, vacations, expenses, and documentation requests.