Logistics and Supply Chain

data secure with business process automation solutions

Transparent, simple, and secure

  • Paperless and environmentally-friendly processes
  • Easy, mobile, and quick invoice validation and control
  • Automated Invoice to-PO matching
Logistics professional managing invoices in a mobile with the business process automation solution

Up to 70% reduction in processing costs

  • Reduced invoice processing costs
  • Shortened processing time and higher cash flow
  • Removal of non-value adding activities
End-to-end control from order to payment

End-to-end control, from order to payment

  • Validations as per the company’s policy
  • Accurate cash flow forecasting
  • Compliance with the company’s policies and guidelines


Collect your Logistics and Supply Chain’s papers and electronic files

Whether your logistics and supply chain company uses paper-based or electronic documents, the Dokumentive scanning solution can convert paper files and scanned documents of any format to structured data that accelerates your entire supply chain, from the manufacturer to the customer’s doorstep.

Finding information manually from the paper files used during the delivery process can often result in data error, leaving room for miscommunication and inconsistent results.

Enhance your logistics and supply chain services, gain access to real-time data, and improve administrators, shippers, drivers, and managers.

How to enhance productivity in the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

Capture data and Manage your Logistics and Supply Chain’s documents

Did you know that it costs an organization an average of $20 to key in data and file a document, $120 to find a misplaced document and $220 to reproduce a lost document? You don’t have to be next.

Dokumentive Smart Data Capture solution eliminates the need for manual data entry by automatically capturing and processing your shipping documents and forms, including waybills, commercial invoices, proofs of delivery and load sheets, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, and integrating the relevant information into your own software for easy retrieval and sharing between authorized users. No templates are required. No manual setup is involved.

Share with customers and peers instantly

Don’t risk delaying your invoicing and cash flow. Eliminate miscommunication with your customers by connecting with them on a reliable shared data logistics system for accurate and speedy invoice payments.

A digital logistics and supply chain allows you to understand your customer’s needs better and enhance their experience with advanced invoice sharing, instant updates, and automatic notifications.

Pave the way to an electronic workflow with e-Doc360.

Dokumentive integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system organizes and stores your data within a single platform so you can immediately access and manage your forms and documents at any time, wherever you are. Now, your information is just one click away.

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