Human Resources

Enhance employee onboarding

Enhance employee onboarding

  • Online capture of documents via forms
  • Documents sharing
  • Easy approvals via workflows
Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance with HR policies

  • Advanced security settings
  • Automated communications
  • Compliance with the company’s policies
Improve HR performance

Improve HR performance

  • Easy creation and sharing of documents
  • Pre-configured templates
  • Automation of manual tasks

Key features of HR Automation Solution

  • Capture from emails

  • Capture from scanner

  • Capture from mobile & desktops

  • Automated processing

  • Reports Generation

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Dynamic workflows

  • Over 20 languages

  • Electronic signatures

  • Integration with ERPs

Digitalize your HR documents and automate your processes with HR Automation Solution

HR Automation Solution: Manage your Documents Easily

Manage all HR documents in a single digital repository

The manual process of finding, sorting and organizing employee documents wastes hours of staff time in HR departments. From handling paperwork for new hires to managing employee files, reducing employee file management’s administrative burden is key to driving business growth in the digital age.

If you are looking for avoiding errors of manual data entry while making file retrieval more efficient with high-speed scanners and an advanced document scanning solution across all HR functions, you found the right solution for you. With Dokumentive automated software, you can scan any HR document, index them automatically and then store them digitally on a secure server for effortless retrieval at any time.

Talent Management and Assessment

Recruit, retain, and develop employees with the right technology in place

Dokumentive Automation solutions help Human Resources optimize every employee’s performance by electronically managing their information on a centralized and secure system.

With e-Doc360, you can control documents like resumes, cover letters, job descriptions, vacation requests, performance reviews, disciplinary procedures, and more. And the solution allows you to automatically validate data, gain access to a complete record of who modifies the document, and quickly approve or change any document type.

In that way, your Human Resources staff will have more time to prioritize employee experience while reducing costs and time.