e-Doc360 Tutorial Videos

Modular Automation Solution

e-Doc360 is a Modular Solution

Dokumentive wants you to have all the automation features you need for a fair price. In that way, we offer a modular solution. It means that you don’t have to pay a high amount for a solution with features you don’t need. You will pay strictly for the components and modules you need and will use.
Document Management Automation

Document Management Automation: Easily access and find documents

Learn how easy is to find, preview and access your documents with the document management automation solution from Dokumentive. e-Doc360 offers 4 types of searches: Advanced Search, Quick Search, Multi-criteria Search, and NXQL Search.
Electronic Forms Software: Improve data collection

Electronic Forms Software

Streamline your processes with the eForm360, an electronic forms software, improve customer experience, and have better control over data.
Keep your documents safe with e-Doc360 Drive

eDoc360 Drive – How to set it up?

e-Doc360 Drive is a safe place to back up and access all your documents from any device. Combine the safeness of a drive with automation solutions and increase productivity and achieve more in less time.
Easily share documents

Easy Share Folder

Learn how to use the Easy Share Folder in the e-Doc360. This tool helps you to easily share any type of document with people inside or outside your organization. You can also control who has access to the documents and who is downloading them.
Data Capture and Document Management

Data Capture and Document Management Solutions

Learn how the Data Capture solution works with the e-Doc360 to streamline your invoices and improve your Accounts Payable processes.
Digital Signature and Workflow Management

Digital Signature and Workflow Management

Learn the 3 ways you can use the Document Management solution to sign documents electronically and to combine the signing process with a workflow automation.
Workflow Management Automation Solution

Workflow Management Automation

Learn the 2 types of workflow that can be launched in the Workflow Management solution and streamline your processes.
Document Management Automation Solution

Document Management Automation

Learn the 5 ways you can use to import your documents to the Document Management Solution and have all the information needed in one place.
how ecm solution works

Enterprise Content Management Solution

Learn how Enterprise Content Management or Document Management System automation solution works to help you improve productivity in your company.