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Many of the industry’s conventional practises date back decades. More of the same will only provide marginal improvements, and management wants you to offer better outcomes. With Dokumentive’s Automation Solutions, you will meet your goals and move your company into top productivity.

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Logistics employee using automated system

Logistics and Supply Chain

Automate all logistics processes, including booking, loading, unloading, delivery, and fleet management with e-Doc360. Digitize all shipping documents and forms, including waybills, commercial invoices, proofs of delivery, and load sheets for better communication and collaboration in the supply chain.

Financial professional working with accounts payable automation solution

Accounting and Finance

Digitize procurement, finance, and customer follow-up processes including applications, policy, billing, claims, and underwriting to speed up collections & customer onboarding, automate claim procedures and simplify renewals.

Student using mask to go to school and use automated solutions to help her with her studies


Automatically capture, manage and store student files, staff paperwork, and incident reports on e-Doc360. Utilize electronic forms, workflow automation, and secure records to gain instant access to information, streamline application approvals and maximize educational time.

Patient receiving better patient care because the doctor is using an automated solution from Dokumentive to improve fast data analysis


Capture data automatically using advanced barcode functionalities to streamline document management and health care processes. Digitize patient records and business documents, including referral forms, lab reports, ID cards to secure information, enhance patient care and achieve regulatory compliance.

Non-profit team working together with an automation solution to improve donors experience and improve donations


Improve staff, board, and donors experience, reduce costs, streamline processes, and stop dealing with tons of papers every day

Government employees discussing business process automation software implementation to improve citizens experience


Easily manage, secure, and extract data from different governmental documents, including parking tickets, contracts, census forms, surveys, and social applications with e-Doc360. Analyze unstructured data such as claims to eliminate processing errors, increase efficiency, and improve citizen satisfaction.

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