Accounting and Finance

Transparent, Simple and Secure

  • Paperless and environmentally-friendly processes
  • Automated Invoice to-PO matching
  • Easy, mobile, and quick invoice validation and control

Reduction in Processing Costs

  • Reduced invoice processing costs
  • Shortened processing time and higher cash flow
  • Removal of non-value adding activities

End-to-end control

  • Validations as per the company’s policy
  • Accurate cash flow forecasting
  • Compliance with the company’s policies and guidelines

Accounting and Finance Automation Processes

Invoice capture

Don’t risk paying the high price tag of misplaced files and documents.

Capture or scan your receipts, invoices, contracts, statements, orders, credit card applications, or any type of electronic and paper-based document, within minutes and eliminate the hassle of manual data entry and processing.

Whether your files are sent by fax, email, Google Drive, or Dropbox, 360 Business Venture’s advanced OCR solution can accurately extract and capture the required accounting information to allow for easy and efficient tracking of shared data.

Invoice validation & approval

Automatic 2-way and 3-way matching

The manual invoice approval process can be slow and inefficient, leaving room for missed discounts on early payments, late payment fees, lost invoices, and a lack of visibility into every step of the process.

With automated 2-way and 3-way matching, the quantity and price on the electronic invoices (e-invoice) are instantly matched to the quantity and price on the corresponding purchase orders (PO), allowing for a speedy process and synchronized flow of information between departments.

Accessibility & Invoices sharing

Improve the way you work with our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, e-doc360. Effective workflow automation leverages intuitive technology to streamline tasks and eliminate inefficiencies.

Ready to Automate your Accounting and Finance Processes?