Learn how easy is to find, preview and access your documents with the document management automation solution from Dokumentive.

e-Doc360 offers 4 types of searches: Advanced Search, Quick Search, Multi-criteria Search, and NXQL Search.

Advanced Search: You can choose among multiple criteria, including text search, which allow users to search keywords from the body of documents as well as from document titles, search by tags, document creation, modification date, author, collections, and size.

NXQL Search: Allows the techier users to query any data set and documents in the eDoc360.

Quick Search: It is the most common. It allows you to search for documents with a single keyword.

Multicriteria Search: It allows users to have a richer search in a specific folder. It allows users to combine several criteria using the document’s metadata in the search, for example, finding all the invoices from a specific vendor with an amount between 1000 and 10000 dollars. The multicriteria search varies depending on the type of account you have in the eDoc360, for example, vendor invoices will be different from those for contracts.

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