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Accounts Payable Automation Solutions help your company to gain 24/7 access to a centralized, paperless, and highly automated purchase invoice handing process with easy-to-use integration tools, without any manual data entry.

With e-Doc360, a robust and proven AP automation solution, customers benefit from automated data extraction from receipts and invoices avoiding all manual interventions.

e-Doc360 is equipped with a workflow engine and software intelligence to verify invoices and match them with their respective POs.

When invoices and receipts are validated, users can swiftly transfer them to to the accounting system using several available connectors.

To boost your team’s productivity, choose to combine Optical character recognition (OCR) or optical character reader software with Enterprise Content Management solutions like the e-Doc360. The OCR software will transform paper documents into digital documents, making it easier for you to find any information you need within a click of a button. The ECM solution will help you manage all the documents in a single place.

This brochure will provide information about the combination of the two tools in order to improve your Accounts Payable department. We hope it provides you with the knowledge of how our solution works for AP Automation and actionable insights to help you improve your business processes with the latest technologies!

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