Will Automation Substitute Human Jobs?

Over the years, technology has evolved a lot, especially after 2020. The more companies implement automation in their departments, the more society fears losing their jobs to machines.

Contrary to what many people think, robots are not replacing workers. Robots are not the enemy. They help improve efficiency and quality, reduce costs, and increase the productivity of humans in more creative tasks. Furthermore, data shows that companies that adopt robots need to hire more employees because the demand for production increases as they are more productive.

However, as technology is increasingly becoming an integral part of the workplace, preparing yourself to work with technology as an ally is a good idea.

The revolution is certain

The world is already digital, and it is inevitable to make changes in our routine to adapt to this new reality. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and other technologies help businesses transform the workplace and maximize the team’s productivity. In this same way, automation helps to have more outstanding performance, reduce variance, meet production quotas easier, and reduce injuries.

Since change is inevitable, we must learn how to live and work in peace with machines. After all, Robotics, automation, and AI are responsible for creating new jobs that we can’t even think of yet, so it is essential to prepare ourselves for the future. Here are some things to consider:

  • Learn new ways of doing jobs that can now be automated. For example, learn how to use automation tools or if you are a welder, you can take a course on how to pilot a robotic welding machine.
  • Since routine and repetitive tasks can be perfectly executed by automation tools, focus on jobs that require intuition, empathy, creativity, or practical skills.
  • With automation, companies will look for more strategic thinking, so it is essential to focus on making your job more human-looking.

And the most precious tips for doing well in the job market with new technologies are:

  • Learn skills in software, computers, and new forms of digital technology
  • Consider training in data science or data analysis
  • Enhance creative skills, such as writing or drawing
  • Develop management skills

The future of Automation + Humans

Technology is here to help us to be able to develop more creative tasks and save our time.

Over the decades, we passed for many changes and survived. The human being is adaptable, and technology is part of our lives now.

Don’t be afraid of losing your job. It will not happen. However, the jobs unavoidably will change in the future.

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