How to select the best Document Management System solution for your needs?

Document management is the process of creating, sharing, organizing, and storing documents. There are digital solutions, called Document Management System, that help businesses to automate this process, eliminating paperwork and reducing repetitive tasks.

However, it is essential to consider your needs before choosing a Document Management System that will fit perfectly for your necessities.

What is Document Management System?

Document Management System (DMS) uses a computer system and software to organize, share, store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through an OCR solution. In addition, DMS provides document and content capture, workflow, and document repositories.

Why set up a DMS?

The document management system ensures the follow-up of the document’s life cycle, access to the documents, the importation of external documents, and collaborative work. It also allows:

  • Cost reduction (saving resources such as paper, ink, etc)
  • Productivity improvement
  • Storage space reduction
  • Document processing process efficiency
  • Diffusion and internal information share facilitation

What to look for in a DMS solution?

Choosing a technical solution represents an investment in costs, time and resources, and its impact on your organization can have significant repercussions in the short and long term. Therefore, we have developed, through years of experience, a list of 5 essential features to look for in a Document Management System solution:

1Connectivity & Deployment

With an on-premise solution, the execution of programs or applications is done directly on a terminal or a server. Thus, it is a direct deployment on-site.

Cloud solutions allow users to use the same applications available via the Internet. In addition, they allow the same actions to be performed but from a remotely accessible server.


Security is a crucial factor in protecting what is vital to your business.

3Workflows & Signature

The use of electronic signature and workflow shortens document approval processing times. Workflow helps your team speed up the approval and document signing. Documents can have a signatory or validator status.

Workflows can be dynamic, initiated by a particular event, and multiple, by selecting a set of documents simultaneously. Users can also opt for serial or parallel workflows with changing statuses.

4Intelligent Data Capture

OCR (Optical character recognition) is an essential technology in Document Management System (DMS) that consists of scanning documents to transcribe information in a few seconds.

A modern OCR in your scans will reduce the processing time of a document by more than 80%. By eliminating time-consuming manual processes, your employees and teammates can focus on their core competencies and get away from the tedious work of processing paper.

5Notifications & Tracking 

Notifications are alert-type messages that can be sent to any user. For example, one receives a notification to validate or reject a document or alerts after each comment, document modification, publication, creation, etc.

With this information, we conclude the 5 essential features you should look for in a DMS solution. At Dokumentive, we offer a complete solution. Learn more and reschedule a free customized demo.

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