How does technology help retain employees?

Technology is transforming how businesses recruit, hire, and retain employees, driving HR directors to reinvent the employee experience like never before. In digital transformation, technology takes centre stage, emphasizing aligning people, processes, and culture with organizational goals to influence the business. Moreover, HR departments are developing a solid digital workforce and providing an exceptional employee experience.

The virtual workforce is here to stay. With the pandemic, many employees and employers have seen the benefits of remote work. However, remote work demands and relies heavily on digital processes.

HR leaders are beginning to discover how human resource management software can help in the hiring and retention process and improve team productivity.

To go digital, HR departments must use the same technologies as the rest of the organization, such as document management and workflow systems. HR relies on document-driven processes to get things done more than any other department. HR automation can help with the following essential HR functions:

  • Employee onboarding: Send new hires confidentiality agreements, waivers, and other forms, and store them once they’re completed
  • Online Forms: Improve employee experience, have better control over data and improve information processes and analysis
  • Tax forms: Make tax documents easier to distribute by sending employee email reminders
  • Employee records management: Maintain employee records following government regulations
  • Contracts Management: Decrease the amount of time and resources required to manage and administer all your contracts

We already understood the importance of making HR digital in this new era and which areas can be helped, but let’s go deeper and understand what each action improves employee retention.

Employee retention is a significant issue for businesses competing for talent in a tight economy. Employee turnover costs are rising, resulting in low productivity, lower engagement, training costs, and cultural impact, among other things.

Investing in employee retention is worthwhile because not only do you not have the costs of a new hire, but you increase performance and improve productivity, employee morale, and the quality of work, not to mention reduce turnover.

The bottom line is that firms that focus on employee retention will retain bright and motivated individuals who genuinely want to be a part of the company and are committed to contributing to its overall success.

Some actions to consider:

1Offering the flexibility of remote work

Companies don’t need to offer 100% remote work, but rather hybrid work that allows employees to work from home on a rainy day or when they have no one to leave their child with. Also, offering a mixed job reduces the need for the employee to have to pay for daycare to leave their child while they work, a cost that in the pandemic was no longer accounted for and now on the way back to the office is being decisive for many employees wanting a job that pays more or allows remote work.

Offering hybrid work benefits the employee and the company that no longer has to spend hours reviewing day-off requests. Technology also helps HR improve tracking of employee benefits, such as vacation and paid overtime.

2Working on your company culture.

Hiring staff provides your firm with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconsider how you make your employees feel connected to your company and stay with you for the long haul.

3Transforming your departments in digital

Business today no longer needs to be handled in person or with paper. In that way, there are several automation tool options to make your business digital. Even small businesses can now invest in tools like digital employee onboarding, workflows, task management and other activities.

HR no longer has to spend hours on the hiring process. By turning your industry into digital, you will improve the lives of your employees, who will no longer need to do repetitive tasks. In addition, with a cloud-based solution, you can track the completion status of each document and avoid countless follow-up calls.

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